Something about TCC

TheChinaCompanion (TCC) is a comprehensive online research facility designed for the benefit of scholars, professionals, students and the wider China-literate public to optimize access to relevant information on contemporary China’s politics, foreign policy and political economy.

Originally developed at the Centro Einaudi (Turin, IT), with the support of a research grant issued by Fondazione CRT and the Turin Chamber of Commerce, in 2010 the TCC project became part of the portfolio of research activities carried out by T.wai, the Torino World Affairs Institute. T.wai has since been able to launch a significant extension and upgrade of the TCC databases and connected services through support from the Compagnia di San Paolo.

T.wai is a Turin-based independent, non-profit institute dedicated to rigorous academic and policy-oriented research in the fields of global politics and security studies. TheChinaCompanion has been designed by Giovanni Andornino (Vice President of T.wai and an Assistant Professor at Turin University) in cooperation with a group of European China hands.