What TCC does for you

TheChinaCompanion (TCC) is one of the world's most comprehensive online platforms for research on contemporary China's politics, foreign policy and political economy. 
TCC has been devised by a group of China watchers to substantially improve the "signal-to-noise" ratio in online searches for relevant published contents on contemporary China. Scholars, analysts, students, professionals and the wider China-literate public are the intended beneficiaries of TCC services, which are free of charge.

The way TCC pursues its core mission to serve as a reliable first port-of-call where to start fruitful research is by:
  1. magnifying the visibility of relevant contents published online, thus increasing awareness among the interested public in a timely fashion (the TCC database is updated on a daily basis);
  2. allowing for full searchability of the sophisticated database that lies at the core of TheChinaCompanion, facilitating quick and sharp searches on specific topics across a variety of editorial outlets (academic journals, think tanks, media, governmental institutions);
  3. carefully selecting sources (journals, think tanks, media outlets…), thereby ensuring that searches on TCC only produce results that would be quotable in ambitious new writings;
  4. tagging contents in the TCC database, allowing for searches on the basis of salient thematic and geographic categories;
  5. exporting footnotes in Chicago Manual of Style format for each item searched in the TCC database, in one click;
  6. allowing users to bookmark items of interest in a personal portfolio, where contents can be tagged and personalized for later use.

Currently TheChinaCompanion enables users to:

  1. search and access tens of thousands of News Reports published by some 41 of the world's leading daily newspapers, periodicals and broadcasters in English, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian. Entries are updated three times a day, with contents remaining in store for 12 months;
  2. search and access hundreds of English-language Papers, Policy Briefs and Event Transcripts produced by over 40 of the most influential global think-tanks (1999 to today), and normally dispersed on myriad different websites;
  3. search through the details and abstracts of thousands of Academic Articles appearing in over 160 of the best scientific journals worldwide in English and German, 1999 to today;
  4. search and access Official Documents released by select national and international bodies;
  5. search through the details and abstracts of thousands of Book Reviews published in top outlets.

The TCC software is not programmed to allow for direct access to third party materials on the TCC website: rather, every entry listed in its database features a button re-directing users to the webpage where materials are published. TCC thus serves as a directory and facility to make sense of the vast reservoir of China-relevant publications worldwide, while respecting the copyright held by publishers.